Frontier: Studio & Agency Template

Frontier: Studio & Agency Template
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Frontier - Webflow Studio & Agency Template

Your agency/studio website is very often the first touchpoint for clients and it needs to impress. It needs to impress them with not only the design but also it's functionality. A beaufiul, responsive and functional website speaks volumes of your business' attention to detail and care. This high standard must be carried across all pages and devices.

We have built Frontier to literally be the ultimate starting point for high-end studios and agencies. In seconds you can change the colour, typography, imagery and create a completely unique brand experience for customers. Watch the design transform to suit your own business as you begin editing, take it a step further with smooth scrolling, custom code interactions and anything your creative brain can inspire. (We have guides for these things!)

Ultra clean class-naming and construction makes it SO easy to edit and no complex combo-classes with crazy positioning to throw you off your game. Did we mentioned it's backed by one of the leading webflow teams? We offer expert support, tonnes of guides and components and freebies that can help you extend your builds.